Arkamara Dijiwa Sanctuaries


Arkamara Dijiwa Ubud is a premier accommodation brand with a distinct destination. Privately held Balinese owned and operated hotel that preserves Balinese tradition of warmth and generosity of spirit with its courteous and attentive staff devoted to making your stay one remembers. Inspired by the harmony of a traditional Balinese village and is known for its impeccable service and genuine hospitality that sweeps travelers into a realm of belonging. The word Arkamara consists of ‘Arka’ meaning sun as the source of life and ‘Amara’ meaning eternal. The name symbolizes an everlasting life source and brings a positive spirit and connection with nature into each soul. Arkamara Dijiwa Ubud consistently delivers a fantastic stay, characterized by genuine warmth and charm permeating every element of the resort. An unforgettable experience, each time.The property is well appreciated by new and repeat visitors, perfect for individuals, couples, families, or business travelers who thirst for interesting travel opportunities and personalized experiences.

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